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  • Status: Complete
  • Role: Back/midline (hyper aggressive backliner)
  • Modes: All, ideally
  • Maps: Ancho-V Games, Piranha Pit, Inkblot Art Academy, Kelp Dome, The Reef, Musselforge Fitness, Port Mackerel, Skipper Pavilion, Manta Maria, Walleye Warehouse, Goby Arena, Shellendorf Institute, Makomart, Snapper Canal, Sturgeon Shipyard, Starfish Mainstage


  • Run speed goes from 0.88du/frame to 1.26du/frame
  • Run speed while firing goes from 0.6du/frame to 0.74du/frame
  • Swim speed goes from 1.73du/frame to 1.96du/frame
  • Damage taken in enemy ink goes from 0.3hp/frame to 0.2hp/frame
  • Super jump time on the ground goes from 80 frames to 58 frames
  • Frames until taking damage in enemy ink goes from 0 frames to 15 frames
  • Damage taken in enemy ink goes from 0.3hp/frame to 0.2hp/frame
  • Accumulated damage limit in enemy ink goes from 40hp to 36.2hp
  • Run speed in enemy ink goes from 0.24du/frame to 0.39du/frame
  • Indirect sub weapon damage decreases to 96.14% of damage
  • Indirect special weapon damage decreases to 96.62% of damage
  • Base point sensor tracking time goes from 480 frames/8 secs to 388 frames/6.47secs
  • Base ink mine tracking time goes from 300 frames/5 secs to 274 frames/4.57secs
  • Partial charge damage per shot goes from 32hp to 33.2hp (direct); from 16hp to 16.6hp (indirect/falloff)
  • Full charge damage per shot goes from 40hp to 43hp (direct); from 16hp to 17.2hp (indirect/falloff)


  • Extremely aggressive; be aware of all teammates as well as the entire enemy team (when possible)
  • Can hang out at standard snipe points but not super often; don't be predictable and try to find ways to flank despite being a (technical) long range weapon, as well as moving around a lot (exceptions for things like rainmaker or clam blitz when playing defensively, but again general playstyle is to not be predictable as a backliner)
  • Additionally, run speed and ink resistance allows for good evasiveness when either getting flanked or targeted by a weapon that outranges the Hydra. The mobility of this build especially (considering the 2 swim speed slots as well) makes the CHS affordable to be as aggressive as I'd like to play it. There is a particular focus on run speed due to spending most of the time outside of ink, as well, which... is pretty self explanatory lol
  • MPU (1 main 1 sub) almost maximizes the damage; it's economic enough that it's nearly maxed out (max is 33.3 partial charge/43.6 full charge, currently is at 33.2 partial charge/43 full charge) without wasting a sub slot that could be better utilized for mobility. The idea behind MPU on the CHS is to account for flankers and also allow for more aggressive play in the case of either assists (enemy not getting hit by all 3/4 bullets) and generally tight situations; makes it more likely to splat enemies or at least trade in these situations
  • Bomb defense is also to maximize efficiency in situations where I'm being targeted; 1 sub of BDX helps a lot
  • Standard Hydra Splatling awareness: keep an eye out on chargers (avoid getting sniped), focus on supporting teammates especially in 1v1s or tough situations
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hold and release ☆ accidental backliner ☆ aroceu elsewhere