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  • Status: WIP (head, body)
  • Role: Backliner/support
  • Modes: Splat Zones
  • Maps: TBA


  • Run speed goes up to 123.866%
  • Run speed while charging/firing goes up to 0.71592 DU/frame
  • Bullet damage is maxed out; for an incomplete charge each bullet does 33.3 pts of damage; for complete charge each bullet does 44.9 pts of damage
  • Far-range bomb radius damage goes down to 96.137%; close-range bomb radius damage goes down to 95.171%; special fall-off damage goes down to 96.620%; point sensor time goes down to 80.711%; ink mine detector goes down to 91.308%
  • Speed in enemy ink goes up by 37.7%
  • Super jump charge time goes down to 0.950 secs/57 frames; full super jump time goes down to 2.283 secs
  • Last Ditch Effort effects begin if the other team's counter has hit 50; the full effects are when the other team's counter has hit 30, and/or there are 30 seconds left in the match or it has gone into overtime
    • Hydra can now have almost 5 full charges (4 full charges and most of a fifth)
    • Subs (ink mines) use 74.540% of the amount of ink they originally used; they now use 44.724% of the full ink tank
    • Ink recovery while swimming goes up by 28.661%; ink recovery while walking/running goes up by 67.533%


  • TBA
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hold and release ☆ accidental backliner ☆ aroceu elsewhere