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Solo Squeezer ~ CB/SZ? [+QR] (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)

momoroni! momoroni!


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Designed to work for most modes; a basic gear set including “a little bit of everything”. ✿
As a solo player I am not sure on how this would work in a team environment. You could substitute some abilities (like the main Saver training wheel) to stack SPU for stingray and bubble blower.

Overall the vanilla shines in tower control and possibly rainmaker depending on the map, while the foil is advantageous for clam blitz and (again depending on team paint power) splat zones. Despite its ink consumption rate the squeezer does not paint well so it is better for aggression compared to map control.
Overall decent for CB and SZ (see later)

Best fitting playstyles:
* midline: for a defensive midliner, main saver and QR are both probably less important and can be substituted with SPU or sub saver by preference.
For an aggressive midline player, QR can be stacked more along with swim speed.
Frontline is doable but other weapons will be safer and more efficient for the kill.

Map/Mode Advantages
all are opinions/current personal strengths and good results
- snapper -> SZ/RM
- skipper -> CB/TC/SZ/RM
- albacore -> TC/RM/CB -> can shoot across grates/up onto enemy plat, QR allows more of a push/risk on bridge vs. splatling/charger
- inkblot -> CB/RM
- walleye -> SZ
- musselforge -> SZ/TC
- mako -> RM
- ancho-v -> SZ/CB
- humpback -> SZ/CB
- piranha -> RM/CB -> high range/stingray for rm, bubbles for CB (stealth jump/mobility for football scoring)
- port mackerel -> CB/RM -> high range/decent mobility -> SPU on vanilla for stingray
(Those Not listed are either not good with the weapon or I am not experienced enough)

Overall the weapon gets carried by its range mode/occasional use of paint mode. High power/mobility along with range gives it an upper hand.
Again I have never played in a competitive atmosphere so this build is based on requirements for solo Q and randomized comps/teammates. This can be adjusted depending on planned comps and roles.

  • Minnekin


hello there ✨
my name is momo
backline/midline; spro, gloogas, squeezer
x powers:
SZ 2400+
TC 2200+
RM 2400+
CB 2300+
vc: OK
callouts: learning

Weapons of "Solo Squeezer ~ CB/SZ? [+QR] (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)"

  • Squeezer
  • Foil Squeezer

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