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Headgear: big bubbles helps a shit ton with power clam pushand to hide in it so that a teammate can super jump to you and dunk their power clam in. Also for enemy push it helps a lot to stop them since 90% of he time they clog up together creating a wonderful bubbke triple or quad kill on them all.

Clothes: The 1 main pretty much helps with dmg like forge is pretty solid with or without MPU so this one is optional to have, I say you may change it for 1 main of SCU to charge up those bubbles a bit quicker. The others are self-explanatory tbh, forge (and all 3 of them) really sucks hard on that ink tank so the 4 subs of Ink Recov Up is good to recover ink fast and the 2 subs of Ink Saver (Main) helps you with getting more shots/kills before you have to recharge ink again.

Shoes: Already talked about the iru so the 1 main of QSJ is really enough to help you jump away from danger to keep your special and avoid loosing it, to quickly jump back into action when taken down AND to quickly jump to the enemy basket to duck that mf power clam in

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