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(Bomb Efficiency/Aggressive Midline?) Kensa Pro ~ All Modes?

momoroni! momoroni!


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Made for a more aggressive and bomb-based play style for for the Kensa Pro. When playing a weapon like the Kensa pro, I rely heavily on splat bombs for defense and ink in some cases; the additional two subs can be substituted for one sub of special charge and one sub of swim speed, if you prefer to use a main of each of those.
This weapon is fairly new so my knowledge of it may be limited still.
This build is not as balanced as my previous ones, and will probably be changed as soon as I have enough chunks to make a new build. xp

Recommended Positions:
* For the Kensa pro in general, one should play the backline or the midline depending on the comp of the rest of the team; this loadout considers the more midline side of the weapon's potential. Bombs become more important in the midline and specials become faster-charging due to paint; meanwhile on the backline holding ground and keeping a milted paint area may require more special charge and main weapon ink efficiency, combined with less swim speed and sub saver.

Map/Mode Strengths:
As usual these are all personal opinion, and as a less experienced player I am not sure how one would fare in the competitive organized comp scene in comparison to solo.

  • The Kensa is well-rounded for most maps, having advantage reaching most vantage points for backline and other ranged weapons. Booyah bomb comes in handy often in XZ and TC, but can also be used in CB (I have found little need for it in RM so far as there are too many possibilities for attack and the rainmaker can usually dodge the bomb -> best use in RM would be on maps like Arrowanna Mall and Piranha Pit close to the pedestal).
  • best personal achievements ->
    TC -> skipper, new albacore, arrowanna
    SZ -> arrowanna, shellendorf
    RM -> none yet!
    CB -> walleye, new albacore

  • Personally I also use the pros for splatfest as my exclusive weapon. I obtained 12th place in "splatoween" using the Kensa for having a power of 2524 at the end; Booyah bomb is good for last-minute inkage as well as a push in the final minute of the battle (ofc this is not very applicable to ranked modes).

  • ibuprofen


hello there ✨
my name is momo
backline/midline; spro, gloogas, squeezer
x powers:
SZ 2400+
TC 2200+
RM 2400+
CB 2300+
vc: OK
callouts: learning

Weapons of "(Bomb Efficiency/Aggressive Midline?) Kensa Pro ~ All Modes? "

  • Kensa Splattershot Pro

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