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The DIEnamo Set.

The set (or as I'll refer it to in this case as the DIEnamo Set) is a killer set which you can use for any Dynamo Roller. It consists of a pure of Ink Saver Main, a main of it as well, two full secondaries of Swim Speed Up, and Object Shredder. I'll go over all of these and how they work for the Dynamo.

Ink Saver Main

Ink Saver Main is purposely used for the Dynamo itself since the swings take up a lot of ink. With this, when in close counters if you struggle to miss your opponent's position, you WILL be able to have enough ink (depending on if you've managed to save enough ink) to throw a bomb at the ground and manage to splat your foe attacking you. Great strategy if you're not so good in close combat. However, if you are good at ranged combat with the Dynamo, Ink Saver Main can really help almost snipe opponents from afar if you are using the vertical flick. Overall, Ink Saver Main is a great ability to use with Dynamo.

Swim Speed Up

Swim Speed Up. Commonly used on Dynamo's due to being a heavy class of weapon. To solve this heaviness, we use Swim Speed Up. Two pure Secondaries can be equal to 1 Main and 3 Subs of Swim Speed Up, making more room for other abilities (such as Object Shredder in this set). Great ability for the Dynamo though by all means, however if you want to replace this then you can use Special Charge/Power Up.

Object Shredder

By all means, Object Shredder might be an odd ability for the Dynamo, but I'll tell you why it works. If you aren't the aggressive type with the Dynamo and mostly helps out with vertical flicks, then this is for you. Object Shredder can be used for destroying enemies Splash Wall's if one of your teammates are rushing/attacking them. With that as well, it can stop Sprinkers, and overall in general a great ability to have while using Dynamo. Again, if you don't want to use Object Shredder you can go with Special Charge/Power Up.

Other Useful Abilities

Special Charge Up - Can be used to gain special's since all of the Dynamo's have quite supportive Special's such as Stingray, Booyah Bomb and Ink Armour.

Special Power Up - Again, used to help supporting a push or used to STOP a push.

Ink Recovery Up - You'll realise that you end up having to regain your ink again and again and again. With Ink Recovery Up though, this reduces the time you have to stay in ink.

Tenacity - If you're supportive but you wanna go even further then go with Tenacity! Again, helping out with pushes and stopping them. Plus with the width of the Dynamo Roller's horizontal flick you'll charge it up quickly, especially with Special Charge Up in the mix as well.

Thermal Ink - If you want to help out with your team even further, you can go with Thermal Ink, helping track the enemies location for your teammates pleasure.

Respawn Punisher - If more aggressive is your style, then you can go with Respawn Punisher and manage to stop the enemy team from being on the battlefield, helping your team. Aggressive, but supportive.

If this has come in use then please like this and favourite it as it will help out a lot. Thank you for reading and have a lovely day!

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