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Flaming Lesbian (frontline support)


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EDIT: I'm not a sploosh main anymore so like. I don't ever use this. But people liked this build so I'll keep it up I guess.

Also if I was gonna redo this build, I'd probably scrap the Ink Recovery main for another main of SSU, and then added subs of BDX, Ink Res, and Sub Saver instead.


  • Status: Complete
  • Role: Support/frontline
  • Modes: Splat Zones
  • Maps: Camp Triggerfish, Arowana Mall, Blackbelly Skatepark, Kelp Dome, Musselforge Fitness, Humpback Pump Track, Port Mackerel, Manta Maria


  • Swim speed nullifies ninja squid; swims like midweight weapon
  • 31.8% faster ink recovery up in kid form
  • 18.5% faster ink recovery up in squid form
  • 7.6% faster special charge up


  • Curling bomb method - throw bomb, swim in it right afterward; only used for long distances where enemies are further away, or to cover ink
  • Curling bomb method decoy - make enemy think I am doing the above, and then come up on them from a different direction while they try to shoot the decoy ink, since it makes a noise so they'll be more likely to notice that than to try to notice my ninja squid
  • Mobility - consistent moving around the map, okay to make loops, but don't stay in one general area for too long and rely on sneak attacks/being in many places at once. Also stay submerged in ink most of the time
  • Dodging - move side to side, diagonally, zig-zag, etc. Moving back is no good since the sploosh-o-matic is shortrange so you'll get outranged by most weapons easily. Sploosh needs no accuracy, only proximity, so get close and move to sides unpredictably to dodge enemy attacks while getting your own attacks in, while most other weapons you'd face up against require more accuracy and thus more adjusting
  • Attacks - When going in for a kill, come up to enemy from an angle/side, not right up in the face, since most weapons need good accuracy and you'd just be right in their line of fire before they're in yours
  • Quentin Offord
  • Taetum Inscoe
  • veemog0d
  • bunnie
  • Redfox
  • softcore horror
  • dwaejijug(돼지죽)
  • Garrett He
  • North
  • 벝
  • JamminG
  • Potato
  • Swooney
  • kit
  • ARROW.ink


hold and release ☆ accidental backliner ☆ aroceu elsewhere

Weapons of "Flaming Lesbian (frontline support)"

  • Sploosh-o-matic
  • Octobrush Nouveau

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